Friday, September 20, 2013


Two strangers

Each with their thoughts

Walking hand in hand

Under the moon

He climbs the fence

To go down by the lake

Glances back with a smile

“Are you coming?”

She hesitates

And she wants to say “No.”

But she doesn't.

No, she doesn't.

Two strangers

Walking hand in hand

By the water

Under the moon

Without her permission

He kisses her lips

And she wants to say “No.”

But she doesn't.

No, she doesn't.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


(A list I actually compiled last December; I stumbled across it again today and decided to share it.)

I'm thankful for:

-Outer space, and all its terrible and beautifulness that declares God's glory over and over again.

-Science. All the wonders and mysteries of how the world is put together. All the little details. The miracles.

-Fantasy books, stories, and all of my favorite authors. Each of them has changed my life a little bit.

-My dear sisters and their husbands for being such awesome role models and for always encouraging me to be the best that I can be.

-God, for being Him. Enough said. All the amazing things He does I wouldn't be able to list right here.

-Food. Vegetables. Forests where you can pick food right off the path and eat it.

-Music. The bands that have gotten me through rough times.

-The fact that I get to be in a band and travel all over the country. I can't even express how cool it is that I get to do that.

-That God always gives me what I need.

-Basically everyone I have ever met or had a conversation with. I wouldn't be who I am today without all the other people who got me here.

-Coffee, tea, and fruit smoothies.


-Sharing. Seriously, that verse of “Mourn with those who mourn and rejoice with those who rejoice” serves to make life SO MUCH more awesome.

-The internet.

-Snail mail.



-Spending real life time with real life people.

-Spring time.

-Clean clothes.


-Okapis, giraffes, owls, squids, hedgehogs, turtles, and all the other animals that make life that much more silly or cute or fantastic.

-That the Real World is so much more fantastic than we are often taught to believe.

-That I had the privilege of being homeschooled.

-That even though we are so constantly rebellious and selfish and we screw up constantly, Grace is still amazing. We never run out of second chances, or seventh, or twenty-eighth, or four-hundred-and-ninety-fourth.

-Colors. Pink and green and purple and red and black and white and blue and all the other colors.

-Creativity, and all the wonderful ways that it can be expressed.