Saturday, December 15, 2012

All Glory to God

From a collection of poems and prayers titled Interobang, by Norman Habel.

If I can't be honest with you, Lord
I can't be honest with anyone.
You are the only person I know
Who can take it
no matter what I say

People are offended if I'm honest.
They want to hear nice things
Sweet words of happiness
Gentle hymns to a gentle God
Smiling somewhere
on a red velvet throne

Well I'm sick of being phony
and I don't like to act
as if there's nothing wrong
with me
or my friends
or the world
or you

Sometimes I want to scream at you
and let it out
I have a million
Unanswered prayers
stuck in my craw

I want you to listen
when I yell at the sky
Pound my pillow
kick the ground
throw stones at the stars
slam doors
or swear at the world

Perhaps that's not giving
all glory to God
as others do
with folded hands and frozen face
but for me it means
I'm paying you
the highest respect there is.
It means I trust you with the truth-
all the truth.

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