Friday, December 28, 2012

It Began As Nothing.

This poem is one that I wrote last fall as a contribution to "The Scariest Thing In The Dark" EP, which is a collection of spooky stories and songs put together by my brothers and sisters and the band Insomniac Folklore. (It's been described as the most terrifying children's album ever!) The full EP can be listened to and downloaded here.

It began as Nothing
Or, rather, a pile of Nothings
That used to be Somethings

A pile of scraps

Too worn and too mismatched to be used for much
They sat, unnoticed and forgotten

'Til, one day, in a fit of inspiration,
You took the Nothings
And made them Something.

You took your thread and your needles and set to work

You created it.

You gave it a heart
You gave it two eyes
You gave it sharp teeth


Whether by accident,
Or knowingly,

You gave it life.

You sat it on a shelf
And left it to be


When you turned out the lights
Closed the door
Climbed under the covers


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